Sunday, June 30, 2013

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Monday, May 20, 2013

Wow, it has been over a Year!!!

I am sure no one is still reading my little blog, but if so, I cannot believe it has been 2 days over one year since I posted on here.  Time has gone by so quickly. 

On the 24th I will celebrate the 2 year anniversary of my little store.  Business has continued to pick up and sales have been good enough that as of January 1st I have been getting a paycheck.  I just signed another 2 year lease on the building, after that who knows what I will do.  I am getting old, but I love working, so I just may keep going and going (kinda like the Energizer Bunny).

On April 29th I lost a friend of 30 years to the big 'C'.  Over Thanksgiving she got pneumonia and was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer.  She was a non-smoker so it took us all by surprise.  She was quickly told that the cancer had moved into her hip and pelvic bones, but she started a new treatment and seemed to be holding her own.  On April 15th she sent me a very positive email to let me know that the scans showed the tumors were not growng, and she was feeling great.  Her local friends (she lived in California) had thrown her a Birthday party on the 13th with live music.  She said she had a great time and even did some singing.  I was so happy to hear that news.  A few days later I got news that they had found some spots in her brain, then she had some seizures and on the 29th she was gone.  Such sadness! 

Since I last updated on this blog I have been blessed with another grandson.  He was born on October 7th and is such a cutie.  Here is a picture of the 3 littlest grandchildren taken in the library.  They love the library. 

J is 2 years 6 month, C is 3 years 10 month, and R is 7 months.  I do not get to see them as often as I would like, but soon I am going to visit them and I cannot wait. 

My other 3 grandchildren are doing well.  Big S is 22, Little S is 14 and J is 10.  Cannot believe how fast the time is going.  They keep me smiling. 

I hope if anyone is still reading this, that you are well and happy and enjoying life. 

Friday, May 18, 2012

One Year

On May 24th my little store will have been open for one year!  I cannot believe the time has passed so quickly.  Since the 24th is during the week I am having an Anniversary Celebration tomorrow.  Starting with a tent sale at 7AM, then at 10AM I will give away hot dogs and drinks to all my wonderful customers.  I am selling anything that has been in the store for 60+ days at 25 and 50% discount.

I hope everyone is enjoying their spring and has great plans for the summer.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Spoke to Soon

On March 14th I blogged that summer was here, well this morning I woke up to 30 degrees....guess I spoke to soon....The End!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Ouch! That Hurt

I have been dreading today for the past few weeks.  I needed gum surgery to ensure the safety of a couple of teeth.  I was not sure what to expect, but I knew it would not be pleasant since I am one of those 1 in 8000 people that is allergic to dental anesthetic. 

So this morning at 8:30 I arrived at the periodontist office.  I had taken 1mg of anti-anxiety medication (no I did not drive myself).  I agreed to have a small dose of Nitrous Oxide (some may know this as Laughing Gas).  I think it helped, but I hated having the mask on my face while my mouth was open.  The whole procedure took about an hour, and my mouth is full of stitches (which I did not expect). 

All in all, it was not to bad.  My doctor told me in his 32 years of practice he has NEVER done this procedure on someone without anesthetic and he wanted me to know that he thinks I am 'very brave'. 

Here is hoping this takes care of the problem and that I do not have to have this procedure done again EVER!  I am taking antibiotics, using an antibiotic mouthwash, and he gave me some prescription pain pills (just in case I need them).  Right now the pain is minimal, so I hope I do not wake up tomorrow with more pain. 

Well that is my tale of woe.  How was your day?

Monday, March 26, 2012

Happy Birthday Song

The very best 'Happy Birthday' message a Gramma could receive, at least I think so.  I don't get to see these babies very often, but we do Skype.  I love them beyond reason, so enjoy this little video their mama sent to me this morning. 

He is only 2.5 years, and that cute little redhead is 16 months old.  The are such a delight.  I hope you enjoyed the video. 

Monday, March 19, 2012

A Day in the Life

Since I opened my little store (well even before then, as I had to set it up) I have worked 6 days a week (sometimes 7).  I am off on Monday because that is the day my store is closed.  Every week I think I will just stay home, clean house, read and/or watch T.V......that never happens.  Here is what I did today:

1. Managed to stay in bed until 8 AM.  Felt good to just relax before my feet hit the floor.
2.  Met my DIL and we hauled 2 pickup loads of branches and yard waste to the dump.
3.  Returned home and balanced my checkbook.
4.  Went to Target and picked up 6 1/2 sheet cakes and delivered them to my granddaughters middle school.
      (They are for a project in one of her classes.)
5. Went to the Credit Union and deposited some money into my checking account.
6.  Went to the Bank and deposited money from sales at the store into the store account.
7.  Went to the CPA's office and picked up both the business tax return and my personal tax return. 
     (Best news ever....I DO NOT owe the IRS any money).
8.  Went to the grocery store and picked up food.  Since I had not been grocery shopping in almost 3 weeks
     it was a large shopping trip.
9.  Came home and changed my clothes and watched Ellen.
10. Mowed the lawn. 

Now I am sitting in my chair with my feet up.  How was your day?

Yes, I know the spacing is off on this post.  To darn tired to fix it.