Friday, September 17, 2010

Today my Blog is One Year Old!

It does not seem possible that I started this venture one year ago.  I know I have not posted much lately, but I have found that I am possibly a 'winter blogger'.  I find that in the summer months I prefer to be out and about, rather than sitting in front of my computer.  When, at the end of the day, I do finally log on, I read blogs, but I am usually to burned out to post much on my blog.

I thought by now the weather would start to cool off, but we are still having 90+ degree days, and it only gets down in the 70s at night.  So far this summer we have had 84 days of over 90 degree heat.  I am so looking forward to Fall this year. 

In mid October I will be taking a trek to New England, and I plan to stay there until Thanksgiving.  I love New England in the Fall.  My lovely daughter is going to bless me with another grandchild, so it should be a great trip. 

If you are following my blog, I am most likely following yours.  I do not comment very often, but I am reading. 


  1. Keli,
    I love the fall look to your blog, very pretty! Have a fun trip to New England. I would love to visit that area in the fall, see all the fall trees in color. That is on my bucket list :)

    And Happy Blogaversary!!

  2. Enjoy your trip next month! i have always wanted to see New England... someday I will :)

  3. Yea for trips to NE and a new baby! Congrats on your 1 year anniversary :)

  4. Congratulations on one year! Have a great trip. I assume you're going there to help with the grand babies. What a good mama you are! :)