Sunday, December 26, 2010

We Had A Snow Storm Today

For only the 4th time since records have been recorded we had a snow storm in December.  All week the weather forecast was for a trace to 1" of snow, then on the evening of Christmas Day it was changed to 2-4 inches.  Well we ended up getting close to 8 inches of snow.  Since this is the south, most people do not know how to drive in the snow (by noon there were over 200 accidents).  Add to that the fact that the DOT ran out of sand and salt....well the result is....only main roads have been plowed and treated.  All secondary roads are a mess and the temps are to drop into the 20s overnight, so driving tomorrow morning will be very bad.  Here are a few pictures I took earlier today.
 From my back door

From my front door.  Neighbor dogs were having a ball in the snow. 

 This is the outdoor cat who has never come into the house in 15 years!  She will not go back outside, cannot say that I blame her.  

I think this branch will have to come down.....

I hope everyone had a great holiday week-end.  I did not venture out for any 'day after Christmas' shopping deals.  I only wanted to stock up on wrapping paper for next year and possibly find a little something for myself.  Oh well, I will probably still find wrapping paper on sale in the next few days, and if not, well I can live without it. 


  1. This is beautiful! I hope you were able to stay inside until the driving was better!

  2. It's always nice to admire the beauty from inside the warm house!