Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The New Store Pictures

 This is my new store
 This is a picture of both buildings (the other building is my son's Military Surplus Store)
 Yes, I take Credit Cards and No, do not bring food or drink into the store...thank you!  Oh, and that sticker you cannot read was put there by my security company. 
 Infant carriers, Diaper Bags, and Boppy's
 Bath tubs, Potty chairs, Gates
 Riding & Push Toys, Tabletop swings, bouncey seats, Pack n' Play
 Strollers, Snap n' Go, Car Seat, Exersaucers, Bouncer
 A Play area for children while parent shops
 A fully stocked changing table for those that might need it!
 My view from the front counter
Where all the action happens, I hope....lol! 

This is just a small tour of the new store.  I have a huge back room that is slam full of product that I have not priced and put out on the floor.  That will slowly happen as I have room.  Thanks for visiting my blog.  You can find me on Facebook by searching for Gramma K's Attic, LLC.   I hope you will 'like' my page. 
Now back to work.


  1. AWESOME Keli!
    I wish you much success in your endeavor and am proud of you :)



  2. Oh my gosh Keli. It's simply awesome. You are awesome. The everything is awesome!

    Best of luck to you!

  3. Wow!! Impressive :) Congratulations!! Wishing you lots and lots of success!!!