Monday, October 10, 2011

It's Finally Fall

I am so excited that the weather has finally turned cool at night and in the 70s during the day.

I finally got an engineer out to look at the water problem I have been having at the store.  Today they put in a super drainage system that I am hoping will solve all my issues.  Now I can finally really clean up and put in new area rugs without fear of them being ruined by  more flooding.  Business continues to be excellent and I have been blessed to find lots of really nice clothes to sell in the shop.  I continue to get new customers each week, in addition to many return customers.  Word of mouth is spreading about the store, which is the best advertising I could hope for.  

I am looking forward to the holiday season.  I believe I will have all three of my children and my five grandchildren with me for Christmas, which is the absolute best.  Not sure what is happening for Thanksgiving.  I will be making a trip to New England in early November to celebrate the 1st Birthday of my youngest grandchild.  She is such a cutie with her red hair and blue eyes.  She is already walking everywhere and her mother reports she is making lots of new sounds, so it will not be long before she is talking.  Her brother (who is now 2-1/2) is talking like a big boy and I love that his mother shares with me all the cute things he is now saying.  

I hope you are all enjoying Fall as much as I am.  I am hoping for a winter without the snow we had here last year.  I don't mind the cold, but when it snows in the south it brings everything to a stand still. 

That's all for now, and no, I did not get better at updating my blog, but there is always hope for the future. 

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  1. Glad to hear the issues at the store have hopefully come to an end now! So wonderful to hear its going so well too!!

    Oct-Dec are my absolute favorite time of year :)