Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Overdue Post about Winning a Giveaway

Way back on January 26th I entered a giveaway at Meet the Falkers, and on February 2nd I was notified that I had won this giveaway.  It is the first blog giveaway that I actually won.   I try to only enter a giveaway if the product or item is something that I will use or wear, so I have not entered to many....yet! 

So here is the little beauty that I won from Lindsay at Meet the Falkers.  I have my granddaughter, who designs jewelry, making me a cute little necklace to wear with my prize.

Sorry it took me so long to post this little jewel.  It was handmade by Margaret at Little Heart Shaped Box.  You can check out her Esty shop and see all the beautiful pendants she makes. 

Thank you Lindsay for having the giveaway, and thank you Margaret for making such a lovely pendant. 


  1. Yay you for winning. That one is so pretty.

  2. Keli - you are so sweet, I really hope you like it :)