Thursday, March 4, 2010

I got a dreaded letter in the mail.......

I have lived my entire life without ever being summoned to Jury Duty.  I am not sure how this happened, but I never gave it a lot of thought.  Well today I go to my mailbox and I have a letter with the return address of the United States District Court.  My first thought is 'oh good grief, have I been summoned to testify about something'?  Of course good grief was not what I really thought, but this is a family read blog, so I will stick with that.  Well, the answer was no, I am not being called to testify, I am being called to U.S. District Court Jury Duty.  Oh my flying garters, I cannot imagine what type of case I might be called to serve on, but I am not really excited about this 'call to duty', especially since it starts just 4 days before my birthday, and we all know that my birthday is a 'holiday'.  Also, the instructions say I will be required to be available on any day during the following two weeks in the event that I am chosen on any one of those days.  They were good enough to say that the trials normally only last 3-5 days, so how bad could it be, right? 

So I get to drive to a city that I have avoided since I have moved here.  I do not know the streets or locations of anything, and that was just fine with me.  I hate the downtown sections of any major city, the parking is scarce, and I always find myself on some one way street that takes me blocks out of my way.  The letter states that there are 25 juror parking spaces at the building.  If you are not lucky enough to get one of those spaces, you have to use one of the lovely parking garages a few blocks away.  I HATE parking garages! 

The only positive side to this story is that they will pay me $40 a day plus mileage to do my civic duty.  I hope if they choose me, I will at least get an interesting case.

P.S. At least is was not a letter from the IRS......score!


  1. You might get lucky and they might not need you. Good luck!

  2. "Oh my flying garters" - love it!

  3. oh wow..your first one? We get at least two a year. My husband actually served on one. I've never been called in. Knock.on.wood.
    Should be fun, huh? Except you can't talk about it :(

  4. Oh, you've been tagged. I've managed to get out of it twice because I'm a SAHM of young kids. I don't know how long they'll allow that excuse, though. Hope you get an interesting case if you get selected!

  5. I served on a federal jury back in September and absolutely loved it. Would do it every day if I could ... great learning experience.

  6. Best wishes!

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  8. Good luck. I served in 2008 and really enjoyed it actually. Of course, my case was only 4 days from start/finish. But, I find the whole legal process fascinating!

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  10. Good luck!

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  11. I have served on several juries. The last one I was on was an amazing experience. We worked together really well and rendered a verdict we all agreed was the right one. Some of us still stay in touch.

  12. Oh wow I don't want to do jury duty either.

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