Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring has Sprung!!! Hooray, I Love Spring

When I got up this morning and walked outside, this is what I saw........

A Glorious Blue Sky

Trees in full bloom

The Weeping Willow is looking great.

Even my cement pig looks happy about the good weather.

Hopefully you are having nice spring weather where you live.  I am loving the warm days and cool nights. 


  1. I Love weeping willows!!! I just wish I could grow one here, however it is to wet. Your spring weather is what I wish we had here. Have a blessed day. :-)

  2. I love bradford pear trees - there is a whole line of them outside my office window. Spring - yea!

  3. So glad the weather is turning around for you...

    Been thinking of you....


  4. I know spring will arrive here sometime... it's still in the 30's. I'm glad you're enjoying blue skies and blooms!

  5. spring can't come soon enough for me - I tried some plants outside and the poor leaves shriveled up - a bit too soon to go out!

    followed you from harriets comment challenge!