Friday, November 6, 2009

How I Spent My Week

It has been cold here so I have been spending more and more time in the house.  To keep myself busy I have continued to do my crafts/sewing/mending and I cleaned out the attic.  Well, I did not exactly clean out the attic, but I did go through all those boxes/containers that have been stored up there for years.  I found things I thought I had misplaced, things that made me wonder, why on earth did I ever buy that!  And things that I am so thankful that I found because they have sentimental value to me (not to anyone else, but I love them).  So I sorted through all that stuff, and found lots of things that I can add to my booth at the flea market.  I also found things that belong to my children, so they will eventually get to take those home with them...oh yeah they will!

So the pictures I am adding are 3 of the purses I made this week.  **Scratch that, only two pictures would upload.  Not sure what the problem might be, but I am to busy right now to figure it out.



  1. hey keli - OHIH imploded from the inside out. the fallout from krista's verbal vomit was too much. some took the divide as an opportunity to really start the trash talking...people started getting banned left and right, then the whole thing went private.

    that link is grammie mommies' blogfrog community. many people are gathering over there to continue the conversations.

    it got really ugly before the thing shut down, though. surprising to see what some people were capable of. though, the nastiest ones were still anonymous, but, whatever!!

    anyway, hope to see you at grammie mommie's!

  2. Hi Keli: Saw that you were sewing over on the BF site. I sew too and make purse/bags. Yours are beautiful. I just ran out to the fabric store myself to pick up some fleece to make hats. Hopefully I can sell a few and make some cash to pay down some debt. I'm following you now if that's okay.