Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Christmas Ornament

On Saturday night I watched two of my grandchildren for a few hours so their parents could go out to dinner and complete their Christmas shopping.  When they came to pick up the children they had a few surprises for me.  First they had discovered a See's Candy kiosk at a local mall.  This is a big deal because growing up in California we always had See's Candy, but here in the south no one has ever heard of it.  So of course they bought me a few different kinds of candy (mostly sugar-free since I am a diabetic).  I am trying to ration this candy, but it is sooooo good.  Second, they presented me with a new Christmas ornament.  The picture below is exactly like the one they got me, except it has all our family names on it.  I LOVE IT! 

A few years ago this same DIL got me an ornament with all the names on it, but since then I have a new SIL and grandchild, so now I have an updated ornament to hang on my tree.  She is just sweet that way.

I was out searching the web and found a site that sells these ornaments, along with many, many others.  If you go to www.personalizedfree.com you to can purchase an ornament of your choice.  They are all so cute and they make them for all size families.  


  1. The have a few kisok's set up in our local malls that sell these ornaments. We buy one every year...They are so sweet !!

  2. awwww that's sweet. Want some See's from CA? :) I also am very close to Ghiradelli at one of our offices. Sometimes I can smell the chocolate and the mint.

    Hope you're keeping warm!

  3. Keli....

    I love it...that was so sweet of them.


  4. How very adorable & sweet! Thanks for the link!