Friday, December 4, 2009

The Holiday Spirit

Yesterday I finally started to get the holiday spirit.  Guess I have recovered from Thanksgiving and now I am starting to feel the Christmas season invade my body.  I got my first gift yesterday, from a lady that I work for occasionally.  It is so cool, and now I cannot wait to make cookies. 

It is so cute, I have never made 3-D cookies before, but I am going to give it a try so that I will have a centerpiece for my table.

I also was in such a holiday spirit last night that I made 6 lbs of fudge and I also make coconut bon bon's .  The bon bon's taste like a Mound's Candy Bar because I use dark chocolate to dip them in.  Here is a picture of the fudge in the pan before I cut it. 


While the fudge was cooling I made the bon bon's.  They are time consuming because you mix them up, then you have to let it get cold in the refrig, then you form them into balls, then you let them them get cold in the refrig.  After they are nice and cold you dip them in hot melted chocolate, one by one by one by one...well you get the idea.  So here is a picture of a few pieces of fudge and a few bon bon's. 

My DIL was here this morning and sampled both.  She said 'just give me a box of these for Christmas, and I will be happy'.  I assume that means they taste good!

What yummy dessert type thing do you make for Christmas?


  1. Yummy....please share your recipe....I love mounds....

    You have been a busy little bee...


  2. The cookie cutter book is awesome. And I love that you and DIL have such a great relationship. I wish I had that with my MIL.

  3. Chocolate...yum! Those look so good. I could dive into that pan of fudge head first.


  4. this year i am going to make sour cream coffee muffins and peanut butter cakes. i am hoping that w/ my 6 kids this will be simply and easy.

    your fudge and bon bons look so yummy. i have never made fudge.

    i also have a wonderful relationship w/ my mother-in-Love. i am sure your DIL is glad you are in her life.

    Praying you have a wonderful Christmas.

  5. Any chance you can ship some fudge and bon bons up to us? Or can you freeze some for when we come down? :) One of my favorite special cookies are mexican wedding cookies, which I think are also called russian tea cookies. I think it is the powdered sugar and the walnuts that make them taste so yummy!

  6. Two Words - Yum Yum ! I love fudge and the bon bons look delicious!

    I'm a fan of Williams-Sonoma as well and was so glad when we finally got one in Calgary a few years back.

  7. Keli, I must have missed you posting about this, my that fudge looks so good! I am going to make some fudge soon. I am in the midst of making shortbread which I make a ton of and give away.