Friday, December 18, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree!

I have been very slow getting into the holiday spirit this year.  Last night I was very tired, so I took a nice hot bubble bath and suddenly I was in the holiday spirit, so I climbed the steps to the attic, got the tree and one box of decorations and at 10:30 PM, I put up my tree and decorated it.  I live in a small house with a very small living room, so the tree is small and I only used about one-eighth of the decorations I own, but I think it looks festive.
What do you think?

Had to put it in front of the fireplace or move out some furniture, so in front of the fireplace it went.  I don't use the fireplace because it does not make much heat and I hate to pollute the earth just to see a fire.  If it heated, now that would be a different story.   Those things on the tree that look like little white cotton balls are actually lights that in person look like snowballs, they are so cute.  I love to turn off all the house lights and just enjoy the tree lights.

Now on to wrapping the gifts, not one is wrapped yet, but I am confident I will get them done before Christmas morning (or maybe I will just plop them all in gift bags and call it done). 


  1. It looks beautiful....GREAT JOB!


  2. Your tree looks beautiful. And I to have to wrap all of our CHRISTmas presents. My 3 older children are off school for the next 2 weeks so they can help with the little 3. So I am hoping to accomplish the task of wrapping next week. :-) Have a blessed weekend.

  3. I think it looks beautiful!!

    I couldn't get into the holiday spirit either!!

  4. It is a perfect tree! Hope you're thawing out from the flea market :)

  5. Your tree is perfect and I love the lights. I tried to find that particular set of lights but they are no longer available. The company that made them went out of business so I searched ebay but with no luck. You are so fortunate to have them. I would imagine that they give a very soft glowing light. Love the red throw on the chair too.

  6. I love it! and glad you got it up in time. Have a happy Christmas with your family!