Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Diapers for Everyone - Help a Mother Out (no not me, but read on please)

I follow a blog written by an up and coming photographer in San Francisco (the city of my early adulthood).  I am not sure how I found her blog(s), but I love her writing and I really love her photographs.  She has recently been branching out with new projects and HAMO (Help A Mother Out) is one of those projects.  If you are interested in reading about this organization (which can be done in any city), please read Julie's blog  here

I personally do not think that most of us ever think about the homeless and less fortunate needing diapers.  Even if the less fortunate are on public assistance and food stamps (you cannot buy diapers with food stamps), they can rarely pay for housing and food, much less diapers.  Please if you want to know more then be sure to read Julie's blog entry.  She tells you about her involvement with a local homeless woman and her three children that led her to this new venture. 

Thanks for reading.

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