Friday, December 18, 2009

Well it is Friday and my first time to particiapte in Yes I Did Friday.  It is time for that chance to tell all the things you did, that you probably shouldn't have....but also to tell some things that you did that were great.

 Jeanette at And on to Today is hosting this blog carnival every Friday. Here is what you do.....go on over to Jeanette's blog, sign Mr. Linky, leave Jeanette a comment and write your own Yes I Did Friday confession. Don't forget to also grab Jeanette's button....

Come know it will feel good to tell.

1,  I did take a bubble bath at 10PM on Thursday night and then get the holiday spirit, so I went to the attic, got the tree and a few decorations, which are now set up and looking much like Christmas in my living room.  

2.  I did work one day this week for cash, which I will now spend on buying good eats for Christmas Day.

3.  I did put off Christmas gift shopping again this week, I only have a few things to buy, but cannot bring myself to go into a store.  I hope I can get in gear and get it done by Monday.

4.  I did receive a $30 gift card from a friend, and yes I am going to use it for something I want.

5.  And I did put off wrapping the gifts that I have already purchased for about the 3rd week in a row.  

Not very exciting, but this is my first time at Yes I Did Friday.  Come join in, it is therapeutic.

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  1. I haven't wrapped anything yet either! And I also need to get a few last minute things.

    You did great! Thanks for joining in!